Next Update to The Division 2 Features Loot Changes

The Division 2

The 10.1 update to Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is slated for release later this week. To prepare players for changes coming to the game, developers have posted the official patch notes on the official forums. Many of the changes are based on community feedback on Title Update 10 and include significant bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Most notably, v10.1 will include changes to loot and is based on feedback from players. “Developers changed the way they decide on item power between a minimum for each difficulty and a full god roll which resulted in most items being more centered than skewed toward the minimum.” In addition, “developers will increase the minimum item power for higher difficulties with a slight bump for Challenging and bigger bumps for Heroic and Legendary”. That should be good news for players.

Other changes coming with this week’s update include:

  • item power from Field Proficiency and Dark Zone caches will be more on par with Heroic tier loot
  • item power from Clan caches will be more on par with Legendary loot
  • Item power of Legendary loot affects season caches
  • big tweaks to the Hive
  • PvP modifiers including an increase in Assault Rifle damage, Striker Drone damage, and a reduction in Firestarter Chem Launcher explosion damage
  • fans of Rifles will be happy to hear that ammo capacity is being increased from 280 to 420

Check out the full patch notes on The Division 2 official forum.

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