Ninja First Streamer On Twitch With 10 Million Followers

As already shared here on Gamespace, Twitch has reached many milestones especially since battleroyale games such as Fortnite entered and smashed the gaming scene with popularity. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been one of many streamers to benefit for the games success although he has been around the competitive scene and Twitch for some years. This week Ninja shared another profound milestone via Twitter:

The next most popular streamer according to SocialBlade is Shroud who comes in at almost 4 million, giving further perspective of how much Ninja is dominating Twitch partnered streamers.

Top Ten Followers are as follows (get it?):

  • Ninja 10,016,110
  • Shroud 3,915,365
  • TSM Myth 3,890,142
  • Summit1g 3,225,048
  • Riotgames 2,992,382
  • Drdisrespect 2,582,144
  • Syndicate 2,577,079
  • ESL CSGO 2,452,807
  • Timthetatman 2,421,122
  • imaqtpie 2,355,229

Following these statistics to give even further perspective TwitchStats also share subscription counts with Ninja at the top. Numbers could be inflated thanks to bots and even Twitch Prime via these sites but there is no denying, that’s a whole lot of gaming love!

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