Ninjala is getting A Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover

Ninjala Sonic the Hedgehog

Ninjala is getting A Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover

Ninjala, the cartoon arena brawler from GungHo Online Entertainment, is set to get a crossover that will feature SEGA’s blue speedster, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Confirmed via Ninjala Japan’s social media feed, and thanks to NintendoLife for spotting it over on Twitter, the arrival of SEGA’s very own mascot in this competitive bubblegum is coming during season 2 of Ninjala. The imminent arrival of Sonic isn’t entirely a surprise. Datamining suggested that the blue meanie was set to make an appearance of some sort in this competition, so when GungHo announced that Season 2 of Ninjala was coming on 26 August, it was just a waiting game until we knew for sure.

We still don’t know exactly how Sonic will fit into the world of Ninjala, although bearing in mind that Ninjala is about becoming a Ninja after eating bubblegum, I’m not too sure narrative is much of a problem. The crossover event should expect fans of Ninjala or Sonic with the option to pickup at least some stickers themed on the video game mascot turned film superstar, but that’s just our expectations.

This is a pretty significant collaboration event for Ninjala, having just launched in June 2020 and clocked up over 3 million downloads. Published by GungHo, the same team behind the recent release of robot RTS Volta-X, Ninjala puts players into an online arena brawler that caters to the cartoon aesthetic established by Nintendo’s Splatoon, while giving players slightly more combative options with a range of ninja themed power ups and skills. Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to zipping through the streets with Sonic the Hedgehog at their heels later on this year during Season 2 of Ninjala. To find out more, keep an eye close to gamespace and we will let you know as we uncover out.

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