Ninjala Launches Into Battle 24 June

Ninjala Launch

Ninjala, the bubblegum brawler from Gungho Entertainment, is about to launch headlong into battle on the Nintendo Switch this 24 June.

In just a couple of days, Players who have tried out the brightly colored ninja battler across recent test runs can get into Ninjala for real. Starting at 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT on Wednesday, players can jump into online servers to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Anybody looking to get a head start can even pre download Nijala now from the Nintendo eShop.

Get On The Start Grid

Announced on Twitter, Ninjala’s live launch it’s the culmination of an eccentric idea, lavishly painted in a bubbly aesthetic. Players coming to this brand new brawler will find themselves thrown into a worldwide competition where only a select few competitors can take on the traits of skilled ninja, all by gobbling up some very special bubblegum. This seemingly silly endeavour pits players against each other in a cartoon clash of parkour moves and unique skills that change depending on the type of super gum you choose to chew. Gamers who take on this challenge will try to earn the most points to become the ultimate Ninjala warrior, scoring plenty of points by defeating opponents, obtaining items and performing IPPON finishers.

If you’re not entirely sure what to make of Ninjala, then you can check out an entirely live stream with Japanese music star and fashion icon, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Just last week, she took on Ninjala on a developer live stream, giving fans a chance to glimpse the game outside of stress tests. While you check out the stream, listen to the specially remixed track, and plan how to customize your very own Ninjala avatar, head over to the Nintendo eShop now to find out more about Ninjala and get ready to become a ninja.


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