Resourceful Nintendo Fan turns his old Nintendo 64 into the best Switch Docking Station

What user doesn’t want an awesome docking stand? Well that was ingenuity if we ever saw it! In a post on Imgur and in a YouTube video (above), the man known as ‘tettzan’ unveils the “Nintendo Switch 64”. He modded a broken N64’s cartridge slot into a Switch docking station. He also swapped out the controller ports for USB ports to be used effectively.  If only he could figure out a way to make the useless Switch kickstand better too…

The Ultimate Docking Station

Technically, the Switch never lays a glove on the dock itself, which is good. No one wants scratches, though some, perhaps less careful users, have reported that it’s vulnerable to damage.

“I’m planning on adding a thin box surrounding the cartridge slot and sticking a soft felt on top to make a better fit for the Switch.” Tettzan wrote on Reddit.

Now…where is that ol’ broken 64? Hmmm….


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