Nintendo E3 2017 Conference Liveblog and Recap – Watch Live Here!

Nintendo E3 2017 Conference

We’re about 10 minutes away from Nintendo’s pre-recorded unveiling of all the goodness it’s bringing to E3 2017. Keep your eyes glued to the monitor. We’ll be recapping and detailing what we see in this post. Below is the embed of the YT feed!

Nintendo E3 2017 Conference Liveblog and Recap

We’re waiting… we’re waiting…

Seriously, if Mario’s hat isn’t playable itself, I’m going to cry.

Starting off with a commercial for ARMS. Makes sense. Read our review of this winner here.

But Rocket League! Yes! It’s happening! Official!

Basically just a video of Splatoon 2, FIFA Switch, and others.

Next up, Mario Odyssey! Thanks, Reggie.

Xenoblade Chronicles X 2! This year! Looks absolutely stunning. This game was sorely missed by many because of the Wii U’s bad sales. Hopefully its sequel sells a buttload.

Kirby! He’s back, bitches! Four player co-op Kirby. Lots of throwbacks to the original, tons of new stuff. Just called “Kirby” and coming in 2018.

New announcement – Pokemon! Talking about Pokken Tournament DX, but that can’t be all, can it… NOPE!

Gamefreak is making a core RPG Pokemon on Nintendo Switch! Guess those rumors were true-ish!

Next up… Metroid Prime 4! Just a teaser, but DAMN that’s enough to get me moist. No date. It’s just coming… and so am I.

New Yoshi… Paper? Adventure side scroller in same vein as the great yarn-based Yoshi.

Koei Tecmo’s new RPG, Fire Emblem Warriors. Looking pretty sweet, actually. Very story-based. Same vein as the Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors games.  Fall 2017!

Skyrim Switch and Zelda cross-promo. Here comes the DLC for Breath of the Wild though!

First up is the Trial of the Sword, the sort of “Horde Mode” for Breath of the Wild. Link starts naked, maybe? Seems like he has to test his might and fight through tons of different scenarios. Plus Hero’s Path Mode, new armor, the Korok Mask, Master mode (hardcore difficulty). The Master Trials DLC Pack 1!

Next is the DLC Pack 2, the new dungeon/adventure. Shows a lot of story about the protectors of Hyrule. The Champions’ Ballad, DLC 2. Story DLC FTW! All four of them will be available as Amiibo too.

eSports stuff with Splatoon 2, ARMS, and Pokken Tournament.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – a bit more info than we saw yesterday. But nothing major! Can’t wait to try this. August 29th.

More Rocket League info – with Mario goodies. Customization items, cross-network play! Holiday 2017! It’s officially coming folks. Cannot wait. All features and modes, plus new exclusive cars to be revealed.

Mario Odyssey time! More footage of the crazy amount of worlds you’ll see. Looks absolutely gorgeous on the Switch. Hat has tons of abilities. Different forms, like Sombrero? Bowser finally trying to marry Peach. You know Mario has got to stop that. Football Mario? Easter Island Mario? Good god… this looks like the best Mario ever. Mario + T-Rex can’t go wrong.

RELEASING 10/27/17!

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