Nintendo May Have Fixed Joy-Con Disconnect Issues For Switch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The latest console to join the market officially launched on March 3rd. Over the course of the first week Nintendo sold over 1.5M copies around the world. However, not everything was quite so rosy. A lot of users have reported disconnect and desync issues with their Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo also has offered couple of solutions, but ultimately they didn’t work. Now, it seems, the company is onto the permanent fix to the issue.

Nintendo may have figured a way to stop Joy-Con disconnects

As Sean Hollister of CNet reports, after turning his left Joy-Con for repair, he received it back in a working condition. Interested in what has changed, he opened up the tiny controller and peered inside. What he found out is that the company added a small piece of conductive foam next to the antennae.

The foam is generally used to shield electronics from radio-frequency interference, which is what Nintendo suspected of causing the issue in the first place.

After he removed the newly added piece of foam – for science, of course! – the device started experiencing same issues almost momentarily. Hollister also grabbed a new controller from Amazon and, while foam-free, the device seemed to work perfectly fine. Gamasutra sums up that it might mean Nintendo already altered its manufacturing process to deal with the problem.

You can read more on the issue by following the links above.

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