Nintendo Indie Showcase Drops A Cache Of New Nindies For 2020

The latest Nintendo Indie Showcase dropped on the internet last night and unveiled more than 20 new titles that are about to hit Nintendo’s handheld.

The first Nintendo Indie Showcase of 2020 continues Nintendo’s Direct to audience approach to PR and this time it is all about the smaller titles on the release board. The full video, above, revealed a whole host of different indie titles that are due to hit the Nintendo Switch throughout 2020. From brand new IP to remasters, and ports of existing hit games, the Nintendo Indie World Showcase continues to have us hyped for this platform’s small publisher potential. Some of our personal highlights include some inventive ideas like The Last Campfire, by Hello Games. The same team that resurrected No Man’s Sky to become a definite must buy are about to tell a tale of strange and lost creatures while players make the journey to light the last campfire.

It’s awsome concepts like this that the latest showcase video highlights, bringing games like Exit The Gungeon, Cyanide and Happiness, Blue Fire, I am Dead, Faeria, Eldest Souls, and Moving Out. It is clear that Nintendo feels the same and remains committed to expanding its indie influence too.

“Independent developers from around the world have continued to find a home on Nintendo Switch,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “Developers get to launch their games on a system that can be played at home or taken on the go, while fans can enjoy a rapidly growing library of these diverse and inspired indie games.”

While we will get into the individual titles announcements in greater detail as the day goes on you can catch all the indie title in the full showcase replay over at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase Website or by holding out here at Gamespaace as we delve into the full list of titles as the day unfolds.


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