Switch Production to Ramp Up to Meet Steep Demands


Switch production is going through the roof! According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo Switch is selling so well that production will be ramped up. The company had planned for eight million units in the next year but have altered that to sixteen million.

More Switch Production means it is selling really, really well

Nintendo changed its production numbers due to better than expected sales, shipping two and a half units in March alone. The company is projecting sales to reach the ten million mark by the end of the next fiscal year.

It won’t hurt sales either that some of its biggest titles are still to come. These include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms and Splatoon 2.

Nothing has officially been sent out by Nintendo about the production change, but “people briefed on the plans” have leaked the information.

You can read more at the link above or at Gamespot.


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  1. I had one, sold it to a friend for cost. Going to wait until all of the kinks are worked out. I’m hopping for a less cheap dock and a better screen in the future.

  2. Thoroughly enjoying my Switch *click* purchase so far. Zelda, ppl. Zelda.

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