Nintendo Reveal New Bowser’s Fury Gameplay Trailer

With just a month left until launch, Nintendo has unveiled a glimpse of Bowser’s Fury with a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming adventure.

Set to land on 12 February, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is one of the most hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch updates for some time, and Nintendo is hardly holding back now. In order to stoke fan anticipation, the Japanese game giant has dropped a brand new trailer for the Bowser’s Fury addition to the Super Mario classic and there’s plenty to see here.

Big Bowser Action

Coming in at just over 2 minutes of action, the Bowser’s Fury gameplay finds the traditionally sanguine Super Mario worlds thrown into turmoil as the new version of this 2013 Wii U title thanks to the eponymous villain. You’ll play a familiar feline version of Super Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad as you thunder around a bright cartoon world on a quest to save the Sprixie Princess, or maybe calm Bowser down a bit. While Bowser’s gargantuan new transformation awaits gamers, that isn’t all. Mario and co are set to get a bunch of gameplay improvements, like increased running speed for all characters and the ability to climb higher while using the Super Bell. Gyro controls will even be on offer, to claw thorough the new content.

The new gameplay trailer for Bowser’s Fury coincides with news that Switch fans can widen their collection with a brand new Mario Red & Blue Switch. The $299.99 pack features an intense red and blue switch, carry case, screen protector, and appropriately themed accessories. It is also due to land in store on 12 February, so you can take down Bowser while rocking a brand new Switch too.


red and blue switch


If you haven’t checked out what Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is about to unleash then grab your cat ears and head over to the official eShop page to find out more now.

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