One Nintendo Switch Might Not Be Enough For A Household

Nintendo Switch
One Nintendo Switch Might Not Be Enough For A Household

Nintendo published financial results briefing for the fiscal year, which ended in March 2017. The document contains quite a lot of interesting information shared by president Tatsumi Kimishima.

Considering that Nintendo Switch is a home console video game system that you can take with you on the go so you can play anytime, anywhere, with anyone, we think there will be households that feel as though one is not really enough. This is another point that drives us to match the scale of Wii’s popularity with Nintendo Switch.

Among other raised topics, the briefing addresses such questions as projected number of shipments, the profitability of the new platform and much more. The president shares the company’s vision and plans about the console’s lifespan. You can find the full text of the document following the link above.

Switch took off to the fastest start among the console releases when it rolled out in March. You can find some of its incredible numbers here.

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