Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works with Bluetooth PCs

Pro Controller

In a surprising revelation, YouTuber DreWoof has discovered that the Nintendo Switch Pro controller works with PCs. Of course, you’ll need to have a Bluetooth-enabled computer, but, hey, that’s a small thing, right?

What Else Does the Pro Controller….Control?

DreWoof further discovered that the device works on Android (laggy) and Steam Big Picture (not great).

Controllers will still need to be charged separate from PCs as USB functionality isn’t available.

The Switch controller is one of many different accessories that will be available when the console launches later this week. The hard part will, of course, be finding one. They appear to be a rare beast.

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  1. Yeah, if you can FIND ONE. 🙁

  2. While it’s good that Nintendo is still trying to stay relevant, everything about the Switch is a complete flop to me. If they ever get out of the hardware business and just create games for the other platforms I would support them, until then they will never get a penny out of my pocket.

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