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Nintendo Switch Review - switch security holes

While we plebes here at GameSpace wait patiently for our own Nintendo Switches to be delivered with the masses’ on Friday, we can’t help but read the reviews from larger media outlets around the web today. In short, it seems like the Switch is getting knocked for being a little low on titles at launch, and maybe having launched too soon, but universally everyone seems to agree that the console is one hell of a technological achievement. The Independent even calls it the “ultimate handheld console”. Check out our Nintendo Switch Review Round Up below.

With its slew of indie support, 3rd party support growing (Square Enix, thank you!), and Zelda on the go at launch, I can’t wait to play this thing on Friday. Don’t expect a lot of posts from yours truly that day. Like all early adopters, it seems like there won’t be a ton out the gate, but here’s hoping this console sees more games worth buying than the Wii U. We know we’re ready. Potential is always nice – execution is always better.

Nintendo Switch Review Round-Up – VG247


  • Independent – the ultimate handheld console released too soon
  • CNET – come for Zelda, then wait for more games
  • Engadget – revolutionary, but it still needs work
  • Gamespot – the Switch feels like the culmination of years of hardware growing pains from Nintendo and Nvidia
  • Tech Crunch – “unless you really must have Zelda on the go (it’s available for the Wii U as well), the Switch is not by any means a day-one purchase, and you can feel perfectly secure holding off for a bit.”
  • Post Arcade – the most versatile home console ever is in some ways strangely minimalist
  • The Verge – pure potential
  • Wall Street Journal – elegant (but unready) balance of portable and home gaming
  • Wired – foul play
  • Nintendo Life – Nintendo’s most important console yet
  • Polygon – promising
  • Techradar – 4/5
  • The Telegraph – 4/5


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  1. The mixed reviews are justified. However if Nintendo can prove to provide a good value in their online experience, keep solid titles coming and eventually add a bit more value to the box price, it could see an even bigger surge. For example, if they were to take Super Mario Odyssey and include it with the Switch in a holiday promotion it could be a huge seller this Winter. I don’t see this console dying out like the Wii U did.

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