Nintendo Switch Ships Nearly 3M Units While 4M Zeldas Out in the Wild

Nintendo Switch Ships

The outlook for Nintendo is very positive thanks to some pretty impressive numbers for the last month. The Switch console has shipped nearly three million units worldwide, showing that production has met demand. In addition, the new Zelda title has shipped almost four million units on both Wii U and Switch. Lastly, nearly five and a half million Switch games were produced and shipped in the console’s first month alone.

Nintendo Switch Ships 3 million & Big Sales Everywhere

The future is bright for the company with sales of the Switch on track to outsell Wii U in only a year. The plan is to produce yet another ten million consoles in fiscal 2017 and thirty-five million more games. Those are some big, big numbers.

Other Nintendo sales numbers include:

  • Pokemon Sun & Moon has sold 15.4 million copies on 3DS
  • Super Mario Maker has sold 2.3 million copies on 3DS
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot has sold 1.3 million on 3DS
  • over 55 million total 3DS games were sold in this fiscal year
  • 7.27 million 3DS systems were sold, 66 million altogether
  • Wii U sold 760,000 units, though production has stopped for the upcoming year. Over its lifetime, Wii U has only sold 13.5 million units
  • Super Mario Run made about $150M

The future looks very good if these numbers continue to hold. Have you bought a Switch yet?

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