Nintendo’s Annual Profit Exceeds 500%

Nintendo's Annual Profit

If you are a Nintendo Fan like we are, try and contain your excitement when we tell you that Nintendo is building steam that doesn’t appear to be slowing.  On the heels of selling 15 million Switch consoles, Nintendo’s operating profit has risen by 1.6 Billion dollars over the last financial year, making Nintendo’s Annual Profit exceed 500%.

In addition to the tremendous console sales, Nintendo’s First Party software releases have also done exceptionally well. Super Mario Odyssey was the highest seller with over 10 million copies sold, followed by the fan and family favourite Mario Kart at 9 Million copies sold.  A surprise hit, Splatoon 2 was in a distant third place with 6 million copies sold.

The Switch wasn’t the only console that sold well for Nintendo.  The Super Nintendo Classic edition console also sold over 5 million units, making it much more than a novelty item.  With the addition of Nintendos Labo games, Labo being a cardboard controller-based system, Nintendo hopes to grow the Switch console market to over 20 Million. With Labo on the horizon that aims to change the way users play and interact with games, the big N believes they will increase their operating profit to 225 Billion.

On top of all this exciting revenue news, some operational changes were also made, with Tatsumi Kimishima stepping down as the CEO and current board member Shutaro Furukawa taking over the President and CEO position, with high aspirations to charge forward in the face of rising profits.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea. That is just crazy. Seriously floored me.

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