Nioh 2 Beta Coming in November

nioh 2

Nioh 2 won’t delve into a new adventure until early 2020. Players won’t have to wait that long to get a glimpse of Koei Tecmo’s brawler. News has reached us that a beta is slated for very soon.

While fans of the first Nioh game will have to wait months to get the second installment in full, Playstation owners are about to get an opening a the start of November. Between 1 November and 10 November, the team behind Nioh is kicking off an open beta. This taster is not just for PS+ subscribers either, any PlayStation owner with the will can take on demons and Yokai as they roam the land.

Confirmed on social media, the open beta news is a precursor to the game eventual launch and comes around the same time as the Tokyo Game Show.

This news also follows a recent trailer that dropped last week, showing some awesome action as the main protagonist transforms between human and Yokai to take on the horrors that they face. The game’s run at Tokyo Game Show also confirmed some level of character customization, multiplayer cooperative play, stacking difficulty, and the rough release date.

If you haven’t heard of Nioh then you’ve got time to catch up. Nioh is set in the set year 1600 and follows the journeys of William, an Irish sailor who pursues the sorcerer Edward Kelley into the final battles of the Sengoku period. The appearance of Yokai thrusts players into a hardcore battle against these evil spirits and features some notoriously tricky combat. After a massively successful launch, it was only a matter of time until the sequel got here.

If you want to prepare fully for this follow up then check out all the Nioh 2 news over at the official website now.

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