No Division Sequel yet, a second year of DLC is planned

More story is better than no story...
The Division

The guys and gals at MMOGames are reporting that while there may be no Division Sequel yet, a second year of DLC is planned. That’s not to say we won’t see a sequel, of course, just that it ain’t planned for 2017.  Instead, we’re getting loads more DLC, with a greater focus on PVE updates.  More narrative in focus than the recent Last Stand DLC, too.

Per MMOGames’ Chris Hughes:

The next major update arriving in The Division will include more story-based missions, with the update being described as having a deeper narrative focus and deepen players’ attachement to their characters and the NPCs in the game. There will be the expected continued focus on bug squashing and other continued tweaks as well.

The first content patch for Year 2 is eyed for some time in the Summer, possibly in July or August. In the meanwhile, the game will be offering rewards in celebration for its first year, including a free emote, additional High-Value Target rewards and more.

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