No Longer Home Launches Later This Month

No Longer Home, A unique narrative look at modern life from a 2-person indie team, is set to arrive on PC come 30 July.

Designed and brought to life by indie duo Humble Grove and due to release on PC, via Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble and, No Longer Home is a somewhat autobiographical account of saying goodbye, living with tough choices, and moving through some of life’s most significant stages. This new slice of life narrative will invite players to inhabit the world of two protagonists when it launches. Through an isometric eye, No Longer home weaves its way through the lives of Ao and Bo, two queer, non-binary students who’ve recently graduated and are about to move into adulthood.

While that might initially seem like a very niche theme to try to latch onto, these two characters provide a look into the window of time most of us face when leaving an adolescent home, rental, or apartment. At some stage those same themes or personal identity are approached, and it all provides some deep emotional baggage to delve through. If you decide to pick up No Longer Home, you’ll explore the flat, have conversations with friends and get to know Lu, the multi-eyed animal-like new flatmate. Find magic in everyday moments like BBQs with friends and playing video games together as the duo come to terms with an uncertain future. Did we mention there’s a sprinkling of magic too?

“Precarity and identity are the predominant themes through the story. The events in the game are based on our own experiences, during a time when we were feeling disillusioned with post uni life and trying to figure out what to do next.’ says Cel Davison (they/them), Lead Writer & Cinematographer. “No Longer Home is about exploring our place in the world and finding wonder in everyday domesticity.”

With a simple yet utterly striking visual theme and a soundtrack from IGF-nominated sound artist and composer Eli Rainsberry, No Longer Home will cost $14.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble and with a 20% launch discount for 1 week. I’ve got a feeling if you liked Life is Strange or Tell me Why then you’ll want to find out more about No Longer Home on the official website now.

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