No More Robots Bear All On Let’s Build A Zoo

No More Robots, just revealed the newest title from this indie stable, a brand new zoo management sim called Let’s Build a Zoo.

Cut from the same DNA as Descenders, Yes, Your Grace, and Hypnospace Outlaw, Let’s Build a Zoo is something very different to the mammoth management sims from Frontier games. Instead of prehistoric birds or lifelike recreations, Let’s Build a Zoo is a title that lets imaginations run wild. Putting players in charge of their very own animal sanctuary, managers can build beautiful enclosures and fill them with a range of different species that you can import and breed.

Cow, Chicken, Catdog

As important as keeping customers happy is, there’s more to this cute carnival than selling snacks and ticket takes. Sprucing up the menagerie might very well require new buildings, foliage, decorations, or new staff incentives but the star attraction is Let’s Build a Zoo’s DNA splicing mechanics. With hundreds of exotic lodgers available to chose from, players can splice together any two animals to make an astounding flock of cute and horrific creations. With over 3000,000 potential genetic combinations it might take some time to piece together the Crocoduck or a Chickow.

While the latest from No More Robots plays heavy on the cute pixel art aesthetic and the silly new genetic splicing techniques, it will take more than a few genetics koalaficiations to keep the deoxyribonucleic acid from unravelling here. Given a chance, park managers can cause otter pandamonium and run each establishment into the ground, work staff to the bone, and generally play havoc with a dedicated morality system. I wonder if that includes attack sloths?

If can’t bear any more animal puns then have a quick gander at the Let’s Build A Zoo trailer above and check out the utterly adorable creations, like the Owlybara over at the official Let’s Build A Zoo website before things go live later this summer.

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