No Nintendo Switch for Final Fantasy XV Fans

Final Fantasy XV PC

Final Fantasy XV is not heading to Nintendo Switch. In an interview at Dual Shockers, Hajime Tabata, “There are no plans. It wouldn’t run.” The door is not fully closed but there is interest on the team.

All is not lost, however. Tabata let loose a few other interesting facts.

Final Fantasy XV interview tidbits
  • the game broke even on day 1 and is doing well
  • the team is working to remake the character creation system for single and multiplayer
  • it is possible that, if technology works out, a PC version is coming
  • players can look for support for the PlayStation 4 Pro and possibly for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio
  • the developers are actively working on DLC and virtual reality versions
  • Square Enix is working on a 4-player cooperative DLC
  • PlayStation 4 Pro will run between 40 and 60 frames per second

You can read all the details at the link above.

Our Take

We are somewhat disappointed that FFXV won’t make it to Nintendo Switch any time soon. Players should keep in mind that all is not lost. We hope to see one of last year’s best RPGs head that way soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

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