No Straight Roads Strikes Up A New Release Date & Demo

No Straight Roads, the rocking new RPG that takes on the EDM Empire, is set to hit the centre stage when it releases on 25 August across PC and Consoles.

Coming to PC, via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch the up beat upcoming RPG from Sold Out and Metronomik will hit both digital and physical shelves. This isn’t the first release date the title has had but after some delays during covid-19, this looks set to be final.  Players on all platforms will be able to pick up this new title on their respective digital storefronts, while gamer who can get out to find it live and in person might be lucky enough to grab No Straight Roads discs for Xbox One or Playstation4. This includes a special Collector’s Edition. The Nintendo Switch physical version is due to tour local retail outlets shortly after launch.

Fight The Empire

For those of you that aren’t queuing up to catch No Straight Roads already, this fight for the future of Vinyl City takes a distinctly different approach to rhythm based adventure. Forget the rock band controller bashing that you already knew, No Straight Roads is a musical themed game that is built to be fully accessible to the more action orientated gamer. Playing as revolutionaries Mayday & Zuke, players must form their own indie band and take on the might of the EDM empire which has taken control of Vinyl City. This brightly colored quest is full of different musical influences, action combat, and plenty of epic boss fights as you enhance your musical abilities.

If you’re still not sure then a playable demo is now available to download from the Epic Games Store, introducing Mayday & Zuke as they lead the musical revolution against corrupt EDM empire NSR. You can catch up on No Straight roads over on the official website or maybe just chill out with a mini OST that the team has also dropped to tease fans before launch day. You’ll find the OSt on digital streaming services, such as Spotify. Alternatively, you can find out more about No Straight Roads over on the official website before launch date arrives and grab the new demo over at the Epic Games Store now.


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