Non-Profit Leyline Empowers Gamers to Change the World

With the world in the midst of a global pandemic and with a host of other issues facing humanity, a group of individuals is introducing a new non-profit organization called Leyline. It is said to be a new way to empower gamers to “change the world”. Leyline allows PC and mobile gamers to engage with causes they care about while simultaneously earning prizes for their engagement. These might include digital gift cards and in-game items.

Players can contribute idle processing power, volunteer time with a charitable cause, give blood, or something else in order to earn points for the Leyline Marketplace that can then be exchanged for items such as those mentioned above. “Points and items are tied to a user’s account and secured in a dedicated blockchain-based walled, accessible only by that user.

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The not-for-profit company behind Leyline was founded by former Blizzard Entertainment developer Jeremy Dela Rosa. With 50 staff and volunteers already on hand, the company is serious about helping to solve some of the world’s biggest issues.

An example of one of the current partnerships is with BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) that is harnessing unused PC and mobile device CPU resources to help create a “distributed supercomputer” that is currently focused on finding a cure for COVID-19. “By harnessing the combined power of even one percent of the world’s gaming population, Leyline users could contribute 7,800 petaflops –  each petaflop equates to one thousand million million (1015) floating-point operations per second – of distributed research computing power.”

Learn more about the project by visiting the Leyline official site where you can sign up to participate. You can also check out the GoFundMe page set up that is helping to bring in additional funds.

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