North American Players Can Now Get Hands On Disgaea 5 Complete

North American Players - Disgaea 5 Complete

North American players can now get their hands on Disgaea 5 Complete for Switch. Nintendo made the announcement earlier today including the NA release and Friday’s EU release.

North American Players Rejoice!

If you’ve read Bill Murphy’s review of Disgaea 5 Complete, you know that it scored 8.2, or “Great”. He even feels that the $60 price tag makes it all worthwhile.

Here’s what the “Complete” edition includes:

  • base game as well as 8 bonus scenarios
  • 4 “fan-favorite” characters and 3 other character classes
  • hundreds of hours of content – Bill said that there is more than enough to keep anyone busy
  • strategic, tactical fights
  • unique systems including Magichange, Geo Effects, Character Towers and more
  • units spanning 40 classes
  • fun customization

You can learn more at the links above!

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  1. Awaiting Amazon delivery for mine 🙂

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