Northgard expands with Conquest update


Fans of RTS games will definitely want to check out Shiro Games’ Northgard. The company has launched the latest free content expansion called Conquest for PC via Steam. According to press information, Conquest adds some pretty cool new features as well as over 100 hours of new content to explore.

Conquest is a standalone expansion to the game and offers players a chance to play solo or cooperatively with a friend. While having a partner to play with might sound like Viking ass-kicking fun, don’t underestimate the double difficulty that will be encountered along the way. Collaborative play will be a requirement in order to be successful.

Campaigns in Conquest are randomly generated including what enemies players will face off against and the layout of the map. “Each playthrough has its unique set of game-altering challenges and missions,” the PR reads.

Players will also find some new mechanics, new units (Ice Giants and Undead Wyverns), new resources to collect, and new events that “add flavor to each campaign”. In addition, there are some “personalized challenges” that players will encounter including unlockable branches.

The Favor System also comes with Conquest. This means that players can leverage a variety of bonuses to power up their clan.

Those who haven’t yet purchased the base game can do so thanks a sweet 60% discount and 50% off all DLC. The Evoland Legendary Edition is 75% off too.

Learn more on the Northgard Steam site.

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