Northgard gets a little bit chillier with the Winter Festival Update

Pull on your snowsuits and winter hats because Horthgard, the strategic city builder from Shiro Games, has been updated with the Northgard Winter Festival patch. This latest update sees the introduction of a new map called Permafrost. According to the developers, players will need to “ Brave the elements and get into the Winter Festival spirit with this all-new snow covered map.”.

Also included in this update is a new event called the Frozen Sea. With this incoming events, players will discover that the sea in and around  Northgard has been permanently frozen over. The harbor is iced over making navigation, resource gathering, raiding party management and the purchasing of Thralls practically impossible.

These two new features promise to add new levels of challenge and engagement for the ever growing player base of this resource management RTS. head on over to the steam page for more details or to purchase the game which is currently on sale for 50% off.

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