Northgard Introduces Multiplayer Mode

Shiro Games has sent out a word that long-anticipated Multiplayer Mode is coming to its real-time strategy Northgard today. The company launches a massive update for the game, allowing up to 6 players war against each other, in a free-for-all as well as teams.  Players can also add AI opponents to their matches for the extra challenge.

Northgard Update Introduces Multiplayer Mode

The victory conditions remain the same in the PvP match as they are in PvE: the first team whose member reached the specific condition wins. Trading actually sends a part of resources from one player to another. Transferring territory between teammates is a possibility, but there is a heavy cool down. Players can ping map locations to their allies as well as make use of whisper-chat.

The update also introduces new units: Axe Throwers and Shield Bearers. The team has also added Portuguese (Brazillian), Russian as well as Simplified Chinese localization.

There’s more. You can read the full patch notes on the Steam page of the project. You can also check out the latest clan to make it to Northgard – the Ravens.

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