Northgard October Update Brings In Kobolds & More

Shiro Games studio released a large update for their RTS game Northgard. It includes a new neutral faction known as The Kobolds, a majestic mystical hawk Vedrfolnir, a couple of new tiles such as Lake and Geyser and more.

The Kobolds faction will occupy several tiles on the map that might have precious resources. You will have to fight the Kobolds for their land if you wish to get a hold of those materials. By doing so, you will lose the ability to trade with them. Be cautious: they are pretty generous allies but very resentful enemies.

Other additions to the game:

  • You are now notified whenever your units enter a fight (if you didn’t initiate the fight)
  • You can now choose the target of your healers in the healer’s hut
  • Disease modification: a sick unit now loses 50% of its max HP and then stops being sick.
  • Rat infestation now gets some of your units sick (how many depends on your population).
  • When your population is starving or freezing, buying food or wood while keeping your food or wood production below 0 won’t reset your starvation/freezing status anymore. Having a positive stock of resources will reduce slowly the number of starving/frozen units. Having a positive production rate will reset the starvation/freezing status.

You can find the full list of changes and additions on the Northgard Steam portal page. To celebrate the occasion, Shiro Games released a new trailer with the short overview of the update. You can find it above.

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