Northgard Receives Large Update Adding Expeditions

Shiro Games, the developers of Viking-themed RTS Northgard, have released a large update for the game. Titled Expeditions, it adds a new way to enjoy Northgard content and free cosmetics you can craft with in-game rewards.

Expeditions are small quests structured in a few hidden steps. Each step asks you to accomplish in-game objectives such as Colonizing a specific tile, Producing resources or Reaching a certain amount of Happiness. Completing a step reveals the next one. Your actions are taken into account for every visible steps, so you can complete multiple objectives at once.

There are two types of expeditions:

  • Recurring Expeditions, split into daily trips and week-long journeys.
  • Master Expeditions that reward you for completing Northgard content. They can only be achieved once.

You’ll be able to recover treasure chests from your expeditions, each containing Silver you can exchange for unique cosmetics. This new feature allows you to create different cosmetics to change the in-game appearance of your Warchiefs and Townhalls as well as your starting zone, and new cosmetics will be added frequently!

Additionally, Shiro Games released the official Northgard Artbook titled The Art of Northgard.

“Within these pages, we’ll be sharing an in-depth look at the development journey of Northgard. From the conceptualisation, research, and trial and error that led to our initial 2D prototype, all the way to the final release that our players have sunk mil-lions of hours into.

And as you guys come to everywhere in the world, we decided to make The Art of Northgard a bilingual Artbook. It then includes french and english in the same book!”

You can now pre-order the Collector’s Edition of The Art of Northgard artbook, which includes:

  • The Art of Northgard 178 page artbook
  • An exclusive A3 poster
  • A cardboard display stand with its 3 collector lithographs of the Clan of the Wolf, Boar and Stag
  • An exclusive Townhall to use in-game – only for the PC version
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity – limited to 1000 copies

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