Not For Broadcast Ready To Binge When It Launches Later This Month

Not For Broadcast Ready To Binge When It Launches Later This Month - sitting at the producer's control desk

Not For Broadcast launches later this month, bringing a chaotic mix of management and media manipulation to PC screens across the globe.

Publisher Tinybuild just announced that the maniacal news management sim, not For Broadcast is set to come out of early access testing and launch for real on 25 January 2022, bringing its eccentric mix of ideas, and nothing but the truth to your display. Due to arrive on PCs via Steam, GoG, and the Epic Games Store, this darkly comedic look at the new industry has amassed over 43 hours of live action broadcast over early access and finds players controlling every oopart of the news desk when the cameras start rolling.

Set in an alternative take on Britain, players will use live news segments, surreal ads, and odd TV clips to piece together the National Nightly News. Camera shots must be aligned, segments lined up, and the censor button used on the odd occasion. Much like Brexit simulator Not Tonight, this tale is a look into a new reality made by the nightly news. Whether that is filled with disinformation and clickbait journalism or not is entirely up to you. Ratings are as essential as the truth, probably. If you’re ready to uncover some juicy tabloid emails or just worry about the quality of the signal, then not For Broadcast will air soon. While early adopters might already have had the chance to try out the first two episodes of this title, as well as a bunch of bonus modes, the full launch will add an entirely new episode, tons of footage, and new decisions. The current run is available right now for around £19.49 or local equivalent, which we expect might go up a bit once the box set is complete. Find out more about the chaos you can cause on the official Not For Broadcast website or check out our early access thoughts on this upcoming entertainment segment.

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