Not Tonight 2 Arrives In The Disunited States On 11 February

Not Tonight 2 is about to bring conflict, revolution, and politics to desktops when it arrives on PC during February.

There’s not a single AAA polished M-15 in sight but you’ll likely see plenty of riled up attacks when Not Tonight 2 lands on PC next month. The follow up to No More Robot’s earlier Brexit simulator, this new dystopian RPG is set to plunge players into full on political discourse. A territory where other big budget games fear to tread, this upstart adventure is aiming to drag players on a road-trip across a broken America, during which you’ll discover what happens when Alt news and individual exceptionalism maybe go a little bit wrong.

Following the lives of Malik, Kevin, and Mari, Not Tonight 2 plunges players into a series of tales, written and brought to life by a diverse range or writers and artists. It will voyage across the Eastern Seaboard where New York lies submerged, past a Canadian annexed Montana, and swing by a Mount Rushmore protected by medieval LARPers. Among the glibly chaotic humor and the odd rhythm game, religious cults roam the plains while factories pump livestock full of steroids, and hopefully some of the politically driven escapades will take your mind off what has become of your lost friend.

While this all sounds deliriously glum, No More Robots’ new release trailer should hopefully assure you that the second major instalment in the Not Tonight series is going to be just as leftfield as before, and probably pretty left too. Still, if Descenders was a bit too much action for you and mountain bikes don’t have quite the level of political commentary you expect, then Not Tonight 2 is set to visit the home of the brave when it comes to PC on 11 February. You can check out more ahead of the release on the official Steam Store page.

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