notmycar game is driving into the sunset on September 30th


The notmycar Twitter has been updated with the sad news that the game servers will be closing for good on September 30th at midnight.  Developers cite a lack of investment as the reason for the closure. “We weren’t able to secure the investment to continue. FYI, making games is hard, and making money making games is even harder.” the official notice reads.

The vehicular battle royale has been unique in the over-saturated genre but this one simply didn’t catch on despite better-than-average player response.

The post goes on to thank the players and community for supporting the game for the past two years. They also thank corporate sponsors including Valve, Alienware, Razer, and Twitch.

Developers are inviting players to a final send-off. They will be on hand tonight (Friday, September 27th) from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and then on and off throughout the weekend. All of the items in the in-game shop are now free. Players who have purchased items during Season 2 will be receiving a refund as well.

Check out the full post on the notmycar Steam page.

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