NVIDIA fakes the moon landing with Turing

Four years ago, NVIDIA used GPU tech to disprove the silliest of silly conspiracies, that the moon landing was a hoax. At GTC yesterday, NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, showed off the company’s latest take on this iconic moment in human history, again disproving the tinfoil hat crowd. The moon landing was, in fact, real. Hold your gasps.

Using the same real-time ray tracing available on their latest RTX GPUs, NVIDIA used photographs from the moonlanding to recreate exact scenes in stunning detail. By simulating the beams of light, the company is able to confirm that, yes, the light is exactly the way it would look if the picture was taken on the moon instead of an elaborate set created by NASA.

The illumination of the astronaut in the photo wasn’t caused by something other than the sun — such as studio lights  — but by light doing what light does.

Which proves one of two things. Either the Apollo 11 landing is real. Or NASA figured going to the moon was too hard, built a time machine instead, and sent someone 50 years into the future to grab a NVIDIA RTX GPU.

Learn more about the tech that made this happen at the official blog and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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