NZXT Pulls Back the Vault Doors on New Fallout Themed CRFT Products

NZXT teams up yet again with Zenimax Media group giant Bethesda Softworks to release the latest addition to the CRFT line-up of licensed PC hardware. The theme of CRFT 04? Joining the ranks of the CRFT 01 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds H700 crate case, the CRFT 02 Nuka-Cola themed gear, and the CRFT 03 PUBG frying pan puck, CRFT 04 bring the Vault Boy to center stage with an H500 case in iconic VAULT-TEC blue and yellow with a custom Fallout-themed gear puck as well as an N7 Z390 Vault Boy cover.

“​For our second Fallout entry for CRFT, it was an easy choice to have Vault Boy be the focus. He is easily one of gaming’s most respected icons ​and synonymous with the beloved Fallout franchise. ​This is why it was important we created a case worthy of his legacy and of the hard-earned caps of this dedicated community.” – Johnny Hou, founder, and CEO of NZXT.

Just as resources are scarce in the nuclear wastelands of the Fallout series, the Vault Boy-themed CRFT 04 gear won’t last long in the wild. With only 1,000 H500 Vault Boys and 400 Vault Boy N7 Z390s being produced, only a handful will be able to realize their dream of owning a Vault Boy-themed PC.

Here is what we know about the parts:

CRFT #04 H500 Vault Boy Exclusive Features (MSRP in the USA: $164.99 USD, Global: $149.99 USD)

●  Limited edition NZXT H500 featuring Vault Boy and his iconic thumbs-up pose

●  Vault-Tech logos on the front panel and PSU shroud

●  Custom designed i/o port with a trefoil on the power button

●  Painted to match Vault Boy’s unique blue and yellow color scheme

●  Exclusive black gear shaped puck with the ​Fallout​ logo

NZXT H500 Main Features:

●  Premium, all-steel construction with the sleek H Series design

●  Tempered glass panel showcases your build with crisp clarity

●  System installation and expansion made easy with an all-new cable management system

●  Water-cooling installation simplified for both AIO and custom loop

N7 Z390 Vault Boy Cover main features: (MSRP: $49.99 USD – USA and Global)

● All metal custom cover designed to complement your H500 Vault Boy build

The CRFT 04 case is available today with the N7 Z390 cover releasing in late May.


Plan on picking one up? Let us know in the comments below. For all your gaming news and reviews, keep it locked in here at GameSpace.

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