Octavia Prime Access Drops The Beat in Warframe Now

Octavia Prime, the newly redesigned Warframe for the hugely popular musical maestro Octavia has landed in Prime Access as part of the latest update to Warframe.

Already available in Prime Access, the Octavia update to Warframe is now accessible across PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This upbeat new addition now allows players who have wielded Octavia’s dance-fuelled attack style and created music for her distinct Mandachord can now access her stunning suite of musically-infused weapons, armor, cosmetics, and instruments of creation and destruction in Prime Access.

Battle Music

For those a little lost, Warframe isn’t just about space ninjas. Octavia and this new update will double bass down on the huge community demand for Mandachord and Shawzin-generated songs that already exist. Check out some of them in the video below, thanks to community member ‘Buff00n’. The Mandachord is a musical creation tool, giving players the ability to make their own battle anthem, while the Shawzin is something more akin to an emote system.

Not only does this open up a new realm of possibilities to Tenno eager to get creative, the Prime Access debut of Octavia also includes some character changes too. Octavia sports a refreshed look with new golden hoop earrings, auxiliary cord ponytail, boombox leg packs, and a Shawzin design emblazoned across her torso. In game, this iconic character now has one new Polarity Slot (Vazarin) for greater customization, Max Shields and Max Energy as part of the Prime Access redesign.

That’s just the highlights of this new update, with new instruments packs, Shawzin bonuses, extra glyphs, and a trio of new musical weapons to add a little bit of color to this update, it’s probably worth checking out the full Octavia Prime Access notes. The Octavia Prime Access packs are now available in a variety of packs across PC and Console now, ready for yo to dubstep into this huge MMORPG.

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