Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: February Monthly Update

Ubisoft has published the February Monthly Update blog & video for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Find out what’s coming up this month by checking out the video above!

The Lost Tales of Greece:

In A Brother’s Seduction, you will encounter a waylaid poet who will lead you to the Port of Kechries where you must help two brothers deal with their father’s recent passing. Unfortunately, your presence inspires some brotherly rivalry as they compete for your affections, and it falls to you to untangle this family drama.

New Features:

  • Level Cap Increase – The new level cap is set to 99 (up from 50). With the level increase, you’ll also have access to three additional Engraving tiers that can be upgraded at Hephaistos’s Workshop and an additional set of Ship improvements.
  • New Game + This feature will allow you to start a new game while keeping all your hard earned gear, upgrades, abilities, drachmae, mounts, etc. that you’ve gathered in your previous play through. This is your chance to discover how a different choice can influence your path… or change a story choice to see a different outcome.
  • 22 new Fast Travel points many of which are located near ports and will make accessing the Adrestia easier.
  • Two additional tiers will be added to the Mercenary Ladder. Climb these new ranks for rewards including sweet loot, loads of drachmae, and two additional benefits: 10% more Orichalcum and a higher drop rate of epic gear.
  • To make your pictures fancier then ever, you’ll be able to apply frames to your photos as soon as the update drops!

New Items:

  • Wild Boar Pack contains Wild Boar gear set, a new mount and a new legendary weapon
  • Alongside the Wild Boar Pack, the goddess of the hunt Artemis as Legendary Lieutenant skin for the Adrestia is now available.
  • Shark pack contains the Shark gear set, a new mount, and a new legendary weapon. If customizing the Adrestia is your kind of thing, the Shark pack contains a new crew theme, the Teethers, a shark-style figurehead, and a new ship design that will cleave opponents’ ships, leaving them helpless in the water!
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