Of Ships & Scoundrels Sets Sail Today

It’s time to hoist the sails and make roger jolly as the swashbuckling strategy, of Ships & Scoundrels, launches on PC today.

Set on the high sea of old, this waterborne strategy provides able admirals with the opportunity to set sail for adventure or just plunder their way through life on a pirate ship. Set in a time when the world was still unknown and monsters were still real, players will build a fleet of battleships to sail through a range of challenges.

As players make their way through a series of procedurally generated islands, the Caribbean waters that play host to Of Ships & Scoundrels swarms with danger. A single player campaign filled with four missions of danger and an exhilarating multiplayer experience all threaten to sink your sailing ship. Up to four players can join forces or battle it out over the ocean and that’s not all you have to worry about. As you scour the horizon for booty the local residents might have something to say about your pirating. I am, of course, talking about the giant Kraken.

Surviving the dangers of the sea means growing your fleet, buying more cannons, and tweaking your firepower. Thankfully, Of Ships & Scoundrels incorporates a customization and upgrade system that lets players tune and level up their ships. They can even expand their harbors to hold even more floating firepower. Mixing the action of the high seas, and the ever changing weather conditions that are just as dangerous as enemy ships, with turn based naval encounters, Of Ships & Scoundrels isn’t quite Sea of Thieves but it who needs a pirate band when you’ve got enough cannons to blow open this genre.

Of Ships & Scoundrels is out now on PC via Steam Early Access. You can find out more about the title on the official Steam Store page now or check out the trailer above for some yo, some ho, and a bit more ho!


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