Offspring Into Another Online Concert With World Of Tanks

The Offspring World of Tanks

American Punk band Offspring is about to join the short line of musical stars moving their performances to the virtual space with a newly announced concert in a Wargaming’s World of Tanks.

Down With The Kids Aren’t Alright

Announced on the band’s social media platforms, the virtual concert is set to take place in Wargaming’s premier tank based brawler.

The tie-up follows on from the Offspring’s performance at Wargaming Fest recently, and in person. Now the American band will setup stage inside the online environment as of 18 September. Players who log in on 18 September will find the Offspring huddled away in their garage strumming through a range of their hits. There is even the possibility that they might be able to keep them locked away to perform for good.

This move follows on from the massively successful Marshmello event in mobile game Fortnite. After drawing in 10 million players for a single session, it is no wonder that other bands are looking at the rise of online performances. Korn, the epitaph of American nu metal angst, even performed in Adventure Quest 3D recently. This team-up is something of a sidestep for Wargaming, however, who have generally favored duets with metal musicians like Sabaton in the past.

This is just the latest in a slew of updates coming to World of Tanks around Tank Fest and we’re just as excited to see Haloween in World of Tanks when it hits (that). No matter if you think that this new musical addition is Pretty Fly or just a cynical tie in, you’ll be able to watch The Offspring from later today in World of Tanks. Check out the full details on the official website. Personally, I’m sticking to the sweaty masses, the mosh pit injuries, and overpriced merch once every few years.


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