Old School Classic Games for the First Date at Any Age

retro games

If you like to laugh and relax on a first date, what better way than to share a game? Here is our breakdown of first-date gaming.

Love for games connects people of any age

Game dating, is it even a thing? Well, it is not for everyone, and of course, different interpretations of games will depend on your age and largely what you grew up with. This will dictate your gaming comfort zone, whether it is a game of cards, board games, visual games, or video games. Each of these can connect people due to their mutual love for gaming, a common interest in a particular game, or just enthusing over current or retro gaming.

Why are retro games so popular?

Gaming brings people of all ages together and can create a unique bond of friendship, be the foundation of a relationship or the link that seals continued interaction between two complete strangers. Modern games have the power and might of multiple marketing and advertising bodies behind them, but the popularity of retro gaming rests with the ever-present need for nostalgia. It reminds people of good times shared in the past, possibly taking them back to a care-free childhood where they enjoyed gaming without the responsibility of being an adult, but how to find someone who treats games just as you do, even with all the precision matchmaking tools online dating provides. If games are a large part of both your childhood and adulthood, you approached your mature years and still haven’t lost that joy, then mind that when you meet senior people – some of them won’t share your passion, but others form specific online communities for older gamers to connect, discuss and date!

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Tips for finding your senior game-lover

The first step is to look online for people that love gaming as much as you do. Gamers can be great online daters because of their love and passion for technology; it’s easy for them to adapt to the site’s algorithms and tell the world about their passion and beautiful personality. Just like they have mastered many game consoles over the years (test their knowledge and quiz them about a Master System or a Mega Drive!), they can also try to conquer the online dating world.

Being tech-savvy makes these gaming enthusiasts of a more mature nature ideal candidates for online dating. The gadgets and tech involved will not phase them, and they will be practically experts at online communication, including all the cool abbreviations that the kids use these days. Ensure you mention your passion for games in your profile and search by keywords.

Top-5 games

Gaming as a whole is a wonderful hobby, but if you play any PC or console games on the first date with your new mature partner, it’ll go awry. The reason is simple – you’ll you’re your attention focused on the game instead of a person playing it with you, so let’s review those that can help you have fun and keep the focus on your date. Gaming habits vary with trends, and over the years, many games have come in and out of fashion whilst others have stayed relevant and passed the test of time. Here are five games ideally suited for first daters of any age, but particularly the over 40’s:

I have never

Traditionally a drinking game to either embarrass or get your friends drunk in a social situation. “I have never” can be used in a different context or even on Zoom or any video app. In this instance, it can be a perfect way to get to know each other and potentially ask some difficult questions that you have been dying to know the answer to but are not necessarily socially acceptable.

retro games 2

Personality quizzes

There are loads of these online, and they can be both fun and revealing. Test one another and laugh at the outcomes, whether they are scarily accurate or completely different from your own views of yourself. A bit of light-hearted fun for first daters to enjoy together.


You can’t get much more old-school and mature than a game of pool in a pub. Take your date for a nice pub meal, then whilst you have a drink beforehand, challenge them to a game. You could even suggest it for after the meal as you unwind together and the competitive juices start to flow as you are both out to impress.

Two truths and a lie

A popular radio feature with mystery guests appearing on shows but equally appropriate for a date. An ideal ice-breaker to reveal something about yourself and to uncover what the other person thinks you are capable of. This is a really good way of getting to know each other by taking it in turns to list two lies and one fascinating truth before your partner has to identify the lies.


An absolute classic. The ultimate old-school game to showcase your personality and to break any tension or first-date nerves. If anything goes spectacularly wrong, you have the excuse of ‘it’s only a game’ to fall back on. Lots of fun and entertainment potential with your date and an opportunity to show off and impress with your wit, creativity, and charm.

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