Omensight Announced, Let’s You Literally Shape the Future of Urralia


Omensight is an upcoming action-adventure title from Spearhead Games and one that has us intrigued. It’s a game that literally lets you shape the world of Urralia as the Harbinger, a “skilled warrior who exists out of time”. Your job is to rewrite the fate of the world.

During the game, you’ll look for and meet characters who have had an influence on the world’s destruction. By “participating in fateful events” from a number of perspectives, you can change the path of history using time-slowing spells and more. Your actions give Urralia a “second chance” and a new path to a (hopefully) better future.

The game will be shown off at this weekend’s PAX South. Attendees will be able to try a hands-on demo to see the story and the action firsthand.

Look for Omensight in 2018 on PC. In the meantime, you can add it to your Steam wishlist.


From the Steam page:

You are the Harbinger, a skilled warrior who exists outside of time. You have foreseen the annihilation of the land known as Urralia and have been summoned to rewrite its fate. Serve as the eyes and the sword of Urralia as you identify characters who may have played a part in the story of its destruction, like a war general or a powerful sorcerer. Appear alongside these characters to discover how they chose to spend their final moments. Will you fight with them or against them?

By participating in fateful events from different perspectives, you’ll learn valuable information about how specific decisions unfold. When those situations call for battle, make use of the Harbinger’s sword techniques and creatively combine time-slowing spells or other abilities to eliminate threats. Use your power to weave a new narrative, pave the way to a brighter future, and give the land of Urralia a second chance.

Key features:
  • Manipulate time to witness the outcome of events from different perspectives
  • Join a diverse cast of characters with mysterious roles to play in Urralia’s story – and each other’s
  • Learn key information about specific characters, then help or hinder them to prevent the end of the world
  • Fight using fluid, stylish combat that combines swordplay and magical abilities
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