Oninaki demo & customization trailer released

Oninaki Demo

For those in the “try before you buy” camp, we have good news today: A brand new demo for Oninaki has been released for PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. Currently, the demo is live in a number of regions including the EU and NA.

The demo allows players to experience Story Mode that offers a look at the opening of the game, “an epic tale about life, death, and reincarnation”. Players will also be able to tackle Battle Mode. Those looking to continue playing once the demo is complete can purchase the game and continue the journey right where they left off.

Oninaki game director Atsushi Hashimoto took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about the demo and what players can expect to find. He begins the discussion by reminding players that the game is set in a new world “where reincarnation is real and known by everyone”. Developers chose to do this as a way to open up narrative and gameplay angles that other game settings do not allow.

“I feel that we have created a completely new style of RPG here, using a quirky touch for the characters, backdrops that have a unique and living sense of motion, a highly resonant use of color, and various anime-style visual effects to make something entirely unique!” Hashimoto wrote.

The blog then gives a brief explanation of Kagachi the Watcher and his role in shepherding souls to the next life as well as how he functions in combat. Oninaki uses a unique combat system where players have access to Daemons. Matching the right Daemon to the right battle is key and players will be able to upgrade and develop unique characters that best match their playstyle. Devs have provided a forward look at customization and upgrading characters in the following video:

You can learn more on the Oninaki site.


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