Onward Breaks Free On Oculus Quest

Onward Quest

Onward, the popular VR tactical shooter, is breaking free and exploding onto Oculus Quest on 30 July.

Already a critical hit on existing Steam and Oculus VR platforms, Onward is about to blow away gamers with its move onto the Oculus Quest headset next month. Developer Downpour Interactive and Publisher Coatsink are adding the Quest to the arsenal of possible platforms that gamers can now use to take on a standard military first-person simulation coupled with the immersion of virtual reality.

Downpour Interactive, who confirmed a Quest release was coming sometime last year, crafted a shooter that doesn’t rely on bright overlays or mini maps to guide players to their enemy. Instead, a more realistic scenario pushes players to rely on their compatriots in the field. Getting to the objective means overcoming a series of realistic scenarios, weaving through artillery at every angle, and a relying on razor sharp communication. However you manage to combat your enemies in Onwards, players picking up the game on Oculus Quest will have the chance to take on a range of scenarios and hone their skills against AI targets or other players.

“I’m incredibly excited for Onward to come to the Oculus Quest: to have players be inspired by the freedom of the platform while at the same time experiencing the realism and immersion that Onward brings to the table. And I think I speak for my whole team when I say we’re excited to see our players get their hands on the game after almost a year of development.”

Whether you chase down your prey in Hunt mode or extract your comrades in a defensive evacuation, you’ll have the chance to cross swords with other gamers on Oculus Rift or Steam VR compatible headsets when Onward lands on Oculus Quest. Up to ten players can take to the action across three objective-based modes, all while brandishing a huge range of deadly looking weaponry. Grab a AUG, polish your P90, or just blow something up with a grenade launcher as Onward arrives on Oculus Quest on 30 July. Check out the official website for more information on the new arrival now.


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