Ooblets Chilly Winter Update Released


Ooblets players with a hankering to get into all things frosty will be pleased to hear that the early access December update has been released for both Xbox and PC via the Epic Games Store. The Coldyrain Update is live with a number of feature additions and enhancements as well as bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Some of the new features include:

  • Snow weather system
  • Frozen crops system
  • Meltilizer, a cold-defying fertilizer (sold at Meed’s)
  • Heaters you can place on your farm to keep your crops warm (blueprint in Wishywell)
  • A set of heater/sprinkler hybrids to water and heat your crops simultaneously (blueprints in Wishywell)
  • Snowplops, a resource you can only find in the snow
  • Delislush, a craftable treabie (recipe in Wishywell)
  • Wuddlin! A new ooblet only found when it snows

According to the development team, the new weather system functions similarly to the rain system with a key difference. Rather than watering player’s crops, the snow will freeze them, though not kill them. Once the snow melts, crops will begin to grow again. Using the Meltilizer, players can immediately remove snow or, alternatively, players can place heaters nearby to combat the cold. Snow will be present in the game from now through January with decreasing amounts falling according to the “real world” weather.

Check out the Ooblets official site to learn more.

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