Orange Cast Launches On Steam Today

Orange Cast, a sci-fi themed RPG with more than a little Mass Effect in its veins, is shooting for the stars as it arrives on PC today.

Developed by Russian indie outfit Team Rez and brought to PC by Valkyrie Initiative, Orange Cast first caught our attention over on when a few glimmers of a potentially epic sci-fi adventure made their way online. Now players will be able to grab their gun and aim high as Orange Cast heads out into the unknown frontier and faces off against a series of threats and navigate the mysteries that await.

Anybody picking up heir rifle will find themselves plunged into a seemingly huge game. Filled with planets to explore, colonies to protect and an original storyline, Orange Cast looks like it might be more than just a simple cover shooter. Team Rez make place plenty of emphasis on the expansive dialogue, in game cinematics, and choice driven narrative that takes inspiration from genre classics like Firefly, Mass Effect, and The Expanse.

While any fans of Amazon’s incredible on screen sci-fi show, and yes the books, might be in awe of the ship to ship combat scenarios, plenty of Orange Cast’s engagements are set firmly on terra firma. There’s a promise of fast-paced and rewarding combat, with a range of boss battles and plenty of weapons to customize your loadout. After a demo and more recent trailer dropped, we’ve been generally positive about the potential for this indie team to blow our expectations away. If you’re ready to be one of the first into the stars before we file a review then you can head over to Steam a little later today and grab Orange Cast for $16.99 with a discount of 15% on launch.


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