Orange Cast Ready For Action In New Trailer

Developer Team Rez LLC has just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming action RPG Orange Cast and you’d best pay attention before this upcoming title gets the jump on you.

Orange Cast might not be a title you are familiar with. Indie developer Team Rez has been dutifully working away on their sci-fi RPG and it is almost ready to launch in 2019. This particular title feels like a spiritual successor to games like Mass Effect with a little Warframe thrown in for good measure. It plunges players into the spacesuit of a character with no memories. After an incident at a location called Scion, the protagonist sets out on the rest of this adventure. As you chase down a mysterious adversary who hides in the darkness that surrounds this new universe, you’ll explore a range of extraordinary looking planets. From a scientific colony called Eden, to entierly lost planets, players will find a diverse and distinct range of flora, fauna, and narration to make each area of the game unique in its own way.

A New Adventure

While players battle past opposing forces and enemy ships, they will be able to utilize an interesting array of weapons. Hand to hand combat still seems to work in outer space, while pistols, shotguns, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers all feature in the currently available assets. Player based suit upgrades are also available to help overcome some seemingly insurmountable odds.

We don’t know if you’ll find out what happened at the Scion Colony but I do know that this title looks utterly gorgeous for an indie game. Built on Unreal 4 and coming to PC, Linux Xbox One, and Playstation 4 this trailer is at least worth a look. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this when it drops globally around September this year. You can keep track of the development over at the official Indiedb pages.


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