Orangeblood Squeezes Out A Fresh RPG


Orangeblood, a funky ridden new hip-hop RPG just pressed play on PC.

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting experiences here at Gamespace, from the finger licking I Love You Colonel Sanders to Genital Jousting. Now Orangeblood looks set to take the genre and press out a juicy mix of retro RPG, 90’s hip hop, and Yakuza inspired adventure.

Orangeblood is the work of developers Grayfax Software and publisher PLAYISM and the indie developer behind it is set to bring us more than just pixel art and some banging tracks.

“I’ve worked for years to create a funky fresh RPG setting melding classic hip-hop vibes with Japanese cultural traits like vending machines on every street corner,” said Grayfax, the sole developer of Orangeblood. “I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to New Koza and the twists and turns of Vanilla’s story while enjoying the extra spice added by procedurally generated gear.”

Set in an alternate Japan during the 1990s, a prisoner is released onto the man-made island of New Koza and tasked with a top-secret mission. The protagonist, named Vanilla, must build a cute yet tenacious crew of companions to safely navigate the underworld of this fashionable yet deadly island. A procedural approach means that while this cute pixel art adventure seems inviting, you’ll need plenty of strength to cut through the turn-basedturn-based combat that occurs. As the game delves further into this narrative, the gang will take on mobsters, robots, and many more randomly generated threats that we will let you discover on your own.

Orangeblood is already out on PC via Steam and looks like the type of game that will appeal to gamers who loved Octopath Traveler. To find out more about the title, head over to the Official Steam store page and maybe pick up this indie adventure for $19.99 or local equivalent


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