Orcs Must Die 3 revealed as a Stadia exclusive

Robot Entertainment is reviving the Orcs Must Die franchise with the announcement that Orcs Must Die 3 is in the works. The game will be a Stadia exclusive title as revealed during yesterday’s Google Stadia event, at least in the short term.

During the presentation, Robot CEO Patrick Hudson said that the game will be coming to other platforms as well, but will begin its life as a Stadia exclusive game and that it “could not have been made without Google’s help”.

According to the presentation, the tower defense game will be bigger than ever with 500 armies launching themselves at players in a single wave. Developers are pretty enthusiastic about the technology at their disposal thanks to Stadia. It allows for more robust game features as well as gives everyone an opportunity to play at high quality irrespective of the platform they’re using.

At the moment, there are few other details available, though we do know the game will be coming out in early 2020. We’ll keep you posted as more is revealed.

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