OtterBox Jumps Into Next Generation Gaming At CES

OtterBox, the mobile peripheral manufacturer, just unveiled a new range of gaming hardware for next generation consoles.

While on the go gaming is something that we’ve seen in plenty of forms the success of streaming services like Microsoft’s Project xCloud, Rainway, Geforce Now, and more seems to have hit home as OtterBox unveiled a new range of gaming peripherals today. We got a look at the devices during a call with the peripheral manufacturer, and there’s some serious work gone into these designs.

All due to start pre ordering in and around between 25 January, this new array of accessories is built on the manufacturing experience OtterBox has accumulated with their existing mobile case range to build a suite of add ons that should give anybody stepping away from the console screen the best chance to overcome their foes while staying protected against drops, scrapes.

“Gaming is one of the unique spaces where everyone has the opportunity to compete and connect, especially as we are physically distanced. This connection is enhanced with advances in cloud gaming and fast 5G networks,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “OtterBox is the best in the world at providing trusted mobile accessories, and we’re better positioned than anyone to deliver a premium gaming experience. This portfolio and our accessories designed for Xbox marks a major entry into the gaming market for us.”

The Easy Grip Controller Shell


Designed to fit around the Xbox weapon of choice, the Easy Grip Controller Shell is probably the loudest of the new Otterbox gaming accessories. Coming in three colors, Dark Web, Dreamscape, and Galactic Dream, this looks to be more than just a stick on skin. The material, which seems silicon like to our eyes, is meant to act as a comfortable sweat-wicking wap around that also has antimicrobial properties. Aside from keeping both Xbox One and Xbox Series X models of controllers free from scratches, the textured side grips will reportedly give gamers a pro level experience and can be swapped out for a different look or feel. While we haven’t got hands on with this new shell, we’re going to get our sweaty palms on it when we can.

Easy Grip Gaming Case


otterbox gaming case

The Easy Grip Gaming case, much like the Easy Grip Controller Shell, is designed to protect your on the move gaming experience. Whether that means you’ve escaped to the next room or actually manage to get back to a safely styled commute. While we’re not making it al the way out to Vegas this year, that doesn’t mean that I’ve not dropped my own pocket sized screen and this new twist on the classic OtterBox phone protection comes with a very interesting new twist, especially for gaming. Alongside the usual material innovations, easy grip designs, and solid device protection, the Easy Grip Gaming Case also includes OtterBox’s own CoolVergence technology designed to expel heat and decrease the risk of overheating during gameplay.

While we will have to see exactly how effective the Easy Grip Gaming Case’s CoolVergence tech actually is at dispersing heat, it’s a problem that any phone has when trying to get gaming. While pushing the computational components of a game over into the cloud can help, that still means a 5G antenna can get toasty and cause diminishing performance as a phone tries to cool down. Whether it’s Genshin Impact or xCloud the Easy Grip Gaming Case should be available for Phone 12/12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 11, 11 Pro Max, SE (2nd gen)/7/8, and coming soon for select Android devices.

Mobile Gaming Clip



otterbox gaming clip

Slotting into the line up of OtterBox Gaming accessories is the Mobile Gaming Clip. While Razer seem happy to push out all in one Switch inspired control systems that provide great holsters for their mobile prey, this might seem like something of an unimaginative accessory. However, the Mobile Gaming Clip manages to impress simply due to the exceptional attention to details. What looks like a simple Z style cradle has lots of touches that make it just as inviting as any of the competition.

Designed to accurately balance a range of phones, from the Samsung Note series right down to the iPhone SE, the Mobile Gaming Clip holds each of these mobiles in place without the use of a tension spring, meaning that there’s so battle for supremacy between owner and controller when setting everything up. The adjustable hinge, near the controller, has a rapid action adjustment control to provide easy arrangement, while the normally flat grips have been replaced with a three-pronged claw, designed to give gamers more than one potential orientation and keep from activating Siri every other round.

The unusually level of thought put into a piece of molded plastic follows through into the rest of the OtterBox gaming lineup. The seemingly obvious Gaming Carry Case adds in its very own stand and pass through for charging, while OtterBox’s Gaming Privacy Glass is orientated to work in horizontal mode, the way most of us hold our phones when trying to pull for Ganyu.

While we only got a brief glimpse of the OtterBox range, we’re going to get a grip and see how much much heat these new additions to the OtterBox range can handle when they start shipping soon. You can find out more about the OtterBox Gaming range over at the official OtterBox website now.

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