Otters & Penguins Toddling Into Planet Zoo Next Week

Starting December 8th, Planet Zoo players will be able to purchase the Aquatic Pack that includes some adorable new denizens. The Aquatic Pack features the Diamondback Terrapin, the Giant Otter, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, the Grey Seal, and the King Penguin. In addition, there are more than 170 new scenery pieces being added to the game and a “new exciting Challenge Mode”. The Aquatic Pack is available for $9.99 ahead of the update launch on December 8th.

The Challenge Mode sends players off to a timed scenario set in Oregon, USA. The goal is to “get busy managing a unique zoo set around a drained riverbed”. Players will be tasked with using their best skills in a water-centric, restricted space atmosphere. The goal is to complete habitats, introduce animals, and train staff before time runs out.

In addition to the paid component of next week’s update, all players will receive new content that includes new foliage and enrichment items, the ability to educate guests through the addition of educational animal talks, QoL improvements, and a new timed scenario taking place in the Philippines.

Check out the trailer above before setting off for the Planet Zoo official site to learn more.

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