Our First Impression of Resolutiion

Scratching Up From Below The Surface.

Somewhere in between illusions, in a space where reality, memory, and fallacy collide, a question echoes in the darkness: “who pulls these strings?” And somewhere just beyond perception, a voice responds: “Shed your skin, puppet, and find out.” This the world of Resolutiion by Monolith of Minds and we here today to talk about just how deep down the rabbit hole we could go. 

Resolutiion dumps you right into its world as a robot shedding its outer skin for the first time to unleash a newfound rage scratching up from below the surface, all while being goaded on by a mysterious artificial intelligence. It seeks to understand emotion and you will be its vessel for exploration. Somewhere within your memories banks exists a wealth of knowledge and experience to answer its query. 

This story of Resolutiion is told through a 2D, Legend of Zelda-inspired setting in a world that is a bizarre, pixelated mixture of technology, scale, and mystery. Explore archives, caves, and deserts, fight maniacal monks, scientists, and giant worms all while avoid getting eaten by a giant cat. Resolutiion will make you question what is reality and what is illusion within its crazy world.

Combat is pretty visceral, challenging players to know their enemy and act accordingly. You can choose to dash and slash or pick off enemies from a distance, but beware: your energy is limited! While melee attacks do not drain your power, your abilities will. This calls for strategy within each engagement. 

The demo that we played was took a little more than an hour to complete. It featured two boss encounters, the unlocking of a few abilities, and some pieces of the story narrative. The best way I can describe my experience within Resolutiion up to this point is that it feels like a cross between Sword Brothers: Sword and Sworcery and Axiom Verge. The mixture of bizarre meta elements and the pixelated style leads me to believe that this game will take players on an unexpected adventure if they can handle the journey. 

Resolutiion is expected to release sometime early 2020 on PC, MacOS, and Linux via Steam. Until then, we will have to wait to see just what is scratching up from below the surface. Oh yeah, and mind the cat.

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