Out of Reach: Treasure Royale – Pirate Themed Battle Royale

Out of Reach Treasure Royale - Pirate Themed Battle Royale

Developer Space Boat Studios and publisher PlayWay have showed off a gameplay trailer for their upcoming pirate-themed Battle Royale Out of Reach: Treasure Royale, coming to Steam in Q3 2020. This spin-off to Out of Reach is currently running a Kickstarter campaign seeking to make $14.7k.

Gather a crew, create your banner and start a rebellious career of a pirate who cares only about his treasures and his rum! Sail the seas, look for trouble, be the last pirate standing to retrieve all the treasures the archipelago can give you! Although you may not survive every single raid, your achievements, fame and glory will!

Although every pirate has his own paths, he is always on the hunt led by his greed. Treasure Royale is no different, you are welcome to use your very own strategy and a winning idea, but also have to be sure that your paths will collide with your enemies as much as possible. The gameplay system is so designed as to give you best of random loot placement and adaptive objectives. Together with dynamically adjusted spawns and weather affected sailing, the raids will always stay challenging, keep you in the eye of the storm and the pace as high as possible.

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